For requesting an Appointment/change in the Guardian either due to mutual consent or demise of an existing Guardian, the new guardian would be required to furnish the following documents:

  • Request Letter from the new Guardian;
  • No Objection Letter or Consent Letter from the existing Guardian or the Court Order appointing the new Guardian;
  • Photocopy of the Death Certificate of the deceased guardian duly Notarized OR Attested by a Special Executive Magistrate/AMC authorized Official/Manager of a Scheduled Commercial Bank;
  • Document evidencing the relationship of the Guardian with the Minor viz. Birth Certificate of the Minor, School Leaving Certificate/Mark sheet issued by Higher Secondary Board of respective states, ICSE, CBSE etc, Passport of the Minor or any other suitable proof evidencing the relationship of the Guardian with the Minor.
  • In case of a Court-appointed legal guardian, a document evidencing the same should be submitted.
  • Bank attestation of the Signature of Guardian in a Bank Account of the Minor where the new guardian is registered as the Guardian; and
  • KYC Acknowledgement Letter of the New Guardian.

Only Birth parents (i.e. Father or Mother); or a Court Appointed legal Guardian are permitted to be appointed as a Guardian.