When markets are record high, we get distracting thoughts of breaking our mutual fund investments to book profit and use the money on things we don’t need, we don’t think twice before putting a redemption request or stopping SIPs, so next time when you have such thoughts, #statue yourself and check if your decision is influenced by financial goals and not short term market moves.

Benefits of saying Statue
to your MF investments

Different funds have
different ‘Statue Tenure’

#Statue your Mutual Fund
investments today!

Finding it

Contact a mutual fund
distributor or an advisor.

An Investor Education Initiative. All investors are requested to note that KYC is mandatory for transacting in Mutual Funds. Investors should invest in SEBI registered Mutual Funds only and same can be verified on SEBI website. Investors can lodge complaints on SEBI SCORES portal as well. For more details on KYC process, change of address or other contact details and for change of bank mandate, investors can visit www.principalindia.com.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.